Thursday, 1 November 2012

#10 The Patchwork Marriage.

Book Title: The Ptchwork Marriage
Author: Jane Green
Published: Penguin (15 Mar 2012)
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance.
Synopsis/Blurb:   Ever wanted a ready-made family?

When Andi married Ethan she not only got the man she loves but also a ready-made family in his two daughters, Emily and Sophia. Unable to have a child of her own, Andi saw this as a precious gift - her chance to be a mother. If only it were that simple.

For this blended family is not a happy family, and the reason lies with Emily. Her vicious anger and fierce resentment towards her stepmother leaves Andi feeling hated in her own home. Her tears, tantrums and expertise in the art of emotional blackmail have Ethan steeped in guilt. With each drama Emily is driving Andi and Ethan further apart. Torn between his troubled teenaged daughter and his beloved wife, Ethan's desperate to fix this rift before he loses Andi for ever. He just doesn't know how.

With tensions high and everyone at breaking point, Emily comes home with some shocking news. Is this the final crack that will shatter this family for good or can they find a way to mend their broken hearts?

My Thoughts:
Absolutely loved it! Finished it today after starting it late last night whilst at work, the characters are fantastic and you can really relate to them, even the ones that at first glance you struggle to like and this is done through the different points of view throughout the book. This book centres on three very common and difficult issues faced by many people, only one will be mentioned in this review to avoid spoilers! The book centres on the protagonist Andi and her struggle to build a relationship with her husbands eldest daughter who, like the typical stepdaughter, very much dislikes her step mother and blames her for ruining her family. We see the desperation and determination Andi goes through to help make things work and as the main story is told from her point of view we instantly connect with her.

This book had me gripped from the start, well written and an easy read, I truly recommend this to anyone.


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