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#11 Three Weeks Last Spring.

Title: Three Weeks Last Spring
Author: Victoria Howard
Published: 30th June 2006
Genre: Romance, mystery.
Synopsis:  Skye Dunbar needs to get away from London to put a disastrous affair behind her. When she rents a small cabin in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, the last thing she expects is to be accused of computer hacking.
Marine biologist Jedediah Walker is called in to investigate the large number of dead marine life being washed up on the islands beaches. And he has another problem – an unexpected, beautiful and suspicious new tenant renting his cabin. When Walker discovers that the fish contain a high concentration of toxic chemicals, he suspects that the chemicals are being deliberately dumped in Puget Sound. And later, when someone hacks into his computer, he realises it is no coincidence and sets out to find out more about his mysterious new tenant.
However, Skye doesn’t like Walker from the moment she lays eyes on him. He feels the same. But that’s about to change.

My Thoughts:

Engaging from the start. Skye Dunbar, a professional buiness woman finds herself escaping to a cabin in San Duan Islands in Washington to try and clear her head and gather herself after a seemingly upsetting and nasty breakup. Once in Washington she finds herself meeting Walker, an american guy who mysteriously emerges from the bushes and appears completely friendly, however Skye sees him as creepy and extremely rude for invading her privacy, little does she know she's invading his. Walker is a marine biologist and is investigating illegal dumping of chemicals which have been causing horrfic problems for the local fish and could cause devastating efects on other animals as well as people. After a few angry confrontations with Skye Walker's curiosity gets the better of him, suspicious of her sudden arrival and seemingly out of character holiday destination he fears she is behind the crimes being committed, he decides to start over and try and befriend her. After a few days they do become real friends and move on to a three day romance, until he recieves an emergency call and returns to his office without explaining to Skye the reasons behind his sudden departure.

There's a real sense of do they dont they, Skye finds herself experiencing de ja vu and is heartbroken, Walker returns to find her doing something suspicious, annoyed and gutted Walker takes drastic action, ruining all hope of a relationship with Skye, when her buisness partner shows it gets even more complicated. Walker then lands himself in seriously big trouble which means he cannot explain himself or even see Syke before she jets off back home, her lifelong friend and buisness partner in tow, who has ideas for them of his own. Can Walker get to her in time?

Fantastic read, characters were brilliant, funny and well written, the book flows easily, which I liked - I was on holiday when I read it!, it's not difficult to keep up with as the characters are limited, which is also something else I like in a book. Reccommended!!

My Rating:

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