Thursday, 1 November 2012

#13 Night Marchers

Title: Night Marchers
Authors: Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels
Published: October 14th 2011
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance Fiction
Synopsis:      This new Young Adult paranormal series will have you averting your eyes for years to come!

NEVER, EVER lock eyes with a Night Marcher! Everyone in Hawaii has heard this warning, except for seventeen-year-old Emma Townsend that is. For most Hawaiians know that looking into the eyes of Night Marcher can strike a curse that will end in death or eternal servitude.

Even though her father, who is a paranormal investigator, solely raised Emma, she has little experience in the realm of the supernatural. When she is forced to move with her father to Hawaii, only months before her graduation, Emma finds that her world as she knows it, is shaken when she starts seeing the unexplainable: fire balls in the distance, beating drums in the middle of nowhere and strangers who vanish into thin air. Then one day when she has a run in with a procession of Night Marchers, ancient Hawaiian spirits wandering from their burial grounds to their locations of battles past, Emma has no choice but to believe that the unbelievable does exist.

Now Emma must go on the run with the help of a mysterious stranger, as they seek out how to free Emma from the curse of a Night Marcher, who will stop at nothing to get her soul.

My Thoughts:
Wow. This book is fantastic, no not fantastic, phenomenal!
Based on Hawaiian mythology the story follows a young girl, Emma, as she is moved from her home and school to Hawaii in order for her father to do his job. Emma's father is a paranormal investigator and has been asked to investigate a serious case which will pay well as well as test his skills. Once in Hawaii Emma finds herself settling in fairly easily, making friends and a possible romance, however she notices some strange occurences whilst near the house, drums and lights capture her attention but she stays clear, until one night she finds herself looking into the eyes of a 'night marcher'. Now she has to leave her family and fight for her life. Emma does this with the help of mysterious character Kai and the delightfully entertaining characters, the Menehunes!

Honestly, give this book a chance, it's funny, exciting and gripping. I definitely recommend it!!
My Rating:

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