Sunday, 2 September 2012

#2 The Stolen Child.


Title: The Stolen Child.
Author: Brian McGilloway.
PublishedPan Books (6 May 2011) - Kindle Edition
Genre: Crime-Story
Synopsis: An exclusive free edition of Brian McGilloway's acclaimed short crime-story, featuring Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin.

My Thoughts:

Well what can I say, the title says it all, the story is about a child who is stolen, but it isn't the child of the main character, which when first read caught me a bit off guard. This short story - and it really is a very short story is, however despite it's length, is gripping. The character of Karen broke my heart, I felt so sorry for the woman who couldn't do anything and who felt so helpless. This short story has the beginnings of a full length book, the story could be easily continued and developed and I'm sure it would be a very emotional and engaging read. A good story despite it's extremely small size, which distracted me for a few minutes whilst at work.


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