Monday, 3 September 2012

#3 I Chose To Live.


Title: I Chose To Live.
Author: Sabine Dardenne
Published: Virago UK 2006
Genre: Real Life/ Crime/ 
Synopsis: I lived through the Dutroux affair from the inside, and all these years I have kept silent about it - about my 'personal' Dutroux Affair, my time in the company of the most hated psychopath in Belgium. I need to write this book for three reasons: so that people stop giving me strange looks and treating me like a curiosity; so that no one ever asks me any more questions ever again; and so that the judicial system never again frees a paedophile for 'good behaviour'.' 'The Dutroux Affair' shook the whole of Europe. In the middle of the immense machinery of investigation and justice there was Sabine Dardenne herself, Dutroux's last victim. She was held captive for eighty days - and survived. Far from sensationalising the horror, her story, dignified and restrained, is ultimately uplifting. Says Sabine Dardenne,'I choose to live.

My Thoughts:

I have read this book numerous times, it's story is horrific, yet very well written, written by the victim herself she allows the reader to experience what she herself had, the honest and heart wrenching story of Sabine Dardenne is inspirational, she fought to survive and get back home to her family. I find it difficult to review this book due to it's nature and content, the rating of this book reflects my feelings towards Sabine who I find amazing and also on the bravery of a young woman who did not give up.


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